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How Much Do You Want for the Sailboat Painting?

When you do live painting in a restaurant or any other public venue, you encounter folks who like to ask questions or make comments which they view as totally original.

For instance:  “Oh, you missed painting over one of the numbers.” (Gee, you’re the first one tonight to say that!)  Or, as they see me with brush in hand: “Did you paint that?”  (No, the artist is in the rest room and I am just sitting here playing with her paints).  As if I am hard of hearing:  “Heck, I could do that” (Then why don’t you?)

My favorite, though, has to be the night we had a pretty big crowd of partiers.  I was diligently working on a new piece when a guy came up to me and asked how much I wanted for a small painting I had displayed.  I told him I was asking $220.  He scoffed and ambled away.

About an hour later, the same man appeared at my side, leaned close to me and with an alcohol-scented chuckle,  said “Do you really think that painting is worth $220?”

I thought for a moment and then replied, “Well, let’s see: considering the cost of the paints, canvases and brushes, the amount of time it takes me to do the work, the travel to and from the restaurant, years of training, and the more than 35 years of experience…You know, you are right!  Thanks for pointing out my error.  This painting is definitely UNDER priced.  I’m going to change that right now!”

Have Brush, Will Travel

Have brush, will travel – my new motto, slogan, logo what have you – came about a few years ago when a high school friend suggested we take a trip to Paris to celebrate our up-coming birthdays.  Now, as a freelance artist who loves and paints a form of French Impressionism, the thought of basking in the glory of the architecture and history of France’s capital was extremely exciting.  But, as a freelance artist striving to make a living with my paintings, the cost seemed too prohibitive.

This was when my friend came up with a wonderful plan – “If you will do 5 or 6 paintings of Paris for me, I will cover the hotel and airfare.  That way, when I look at my walls at home, I can pretend I am waking up in Paris every morning.”  We agreed that I would cover all my other expenses and we were off for the adventure.  I have since painted many more oils from that one trip and am happy to have sold most of them!

Then a few years later, another friend and her family were renting a house in Sedona, Arizona, and asked me to join them. Same deal, different subject matter.  In exchange for airfare from Florida, enjoyment of the gorgeous desert vistas and the company of lovely people, I produced several oil paintings – this time of red rocks!  In addition to giving my friend the pick of the artwork, several of the other folks on the trip also bought pieces to remind them of Arizona’s spiritual beauty.

Last year, a “snow bird” from Indiana who has a winter home here in Florida invited me to come up to her home near Indianapolis to see her house up there and see the bedroom where she wanted her next painting (a villa in Tuscany she had rented a few years back) to hang.  This would become the eighth commission from her.  On top of a lovely week of visiting lots of artsy stores and galleries, she introduced me to a gift shop owner who ordered – and paid for – 8 of my prints!  Oh, and did I mention that she sent me the free plane ticket?

Now, I just need to keep this travel-for-paintings idea continuing.  Let’s see?  Greece? England?  Spain?  Have brush, will travel!

Shopping Cart!

I am adding a shopping cart to my web site! To make it easier for those of you who wish to purchase a piece of art work using a credit card, etc., you can now just click on the “add to cart” button and it will take you directly to PayPal to buy your paintings or prints.  Please note:  you do NOT need a PayPal account to take advantage of this convenient way of  shopping.

At the moment, I have added the “add to cart” buttons to the European Scenes page and will continue to add the buttons tomorrow.  (Going to sleep now – long day!!)

Slowly but Surely!

I am flying solo now!  Doug got me started and now I am adding photos, text and color schemes.  Slow process, but exciting to see it coming together!

Learning to use WordPress

Thanks to my good friend Doug,  I am learning to blog AND create my new and updated web site!  Please bear with me while I try to figure it out.


Welcome to my new website!  I will be re-adding the content back in over the next few days, so please check back regularly.

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