My artistic training began at a very early age with the inspiration and tutelage of my grandmother, an accomplished artist; so I like to think of my talent as genetic!  Her need to express herself artistically often had to be balanced with the demands of raising two children and spoiling three grandsons and a granddaughter – me.  I would sit for hours watching her manipulate her oils and watercolors, bringing her subjects to life.

Fulfilling my irrepressible need to draw and paint, I later studied with William J. Schultz of Massachusetts, R. Clay Kent of Maine, and Louise Cherwak of Florida, among others.

When I discovered the French Impressionists, I fell in love with their appreciation of color and light.  I am always struggling to capture the beauty I see in nature and everyday scenes.  I believe that our experiences and the people we meet enrich us. Each of my mentors, whether through personal contact, museum visits or books, has brought me a unique perspective which added to my technique and ability to find beauty in everything around me – and to translate that beauty to the canvas or paper.  Please, stop for a moment and see the beauty and color that surrounds us!

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