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(If any of you have been following along on this journey, I apologize that it has been such a long time between episodes.  Life gets in the way sometimes and prevents us from completing some projects in a timely manner.  I have moved to a new home and that took some time and I misplaced my notes from this odyssey and am having to reach back into my memories to finish the story.  The faster the years pass, the more I am forgetting, so I must continue on with this story before it disappears.  That would be a disservice to David.)

We were already about two weeks into our journey – and although I really never expected it to last a week, we kept coming up with more places we wanted to explore.

The scenery changed quite a bit as we headed inland toward wine country.  Our tape of Pachelbel’s Canon that we had purchased in Old Sacramento played along with us as we maneuvered the winding roads.  I drove and David manned the video camera to capture the beautiful scenery and rolling hills. He was finally deciding that my driving was okay after all!

When we drove through the Napa Valley, we saw lovely vineyards growing on one side of the road and familiar names on the other – Gallo, Sutter Home, Beringer, etc. – on buildings and shops.  We took a few tours, photographed the beautiful buildings and browsed the gift shops (oh, and sampled a little wine along the way but not enough to get tipsy! We had more driving to do.)


The Beringer Home

The Beringer home was a beautiful old stone building that had been brought over from Germany stone-by-stone and rebuilt on site in California.


Where the wine was made.

My oil painted impression of the winery.

We also were compelled to search for the house which was used as the home of the old “Falcon Crest” TV show about a family in the wine (and hanky panky) business.  When we finally found it, we could barely make out the roof of it as it was behind a column of trees.  David was satisfied anyway.  (We would make several searches like this for specific places and things he wanted to see as we traveled along, but it was fun and it made him happy).

Gorgeous trees on the Avenue of the Giants

Heading north, we traveled through a gorgeous area known as the Avenue of the Giants – an amazing stretch of land with giant sequoia trees lining either side of the road.  Naturally we stopped and took more photos and video.  At one point, David observed that these trees were so old that they had been here longer “than before he had been a gleam in his daddy’s eye.  In fact, they were here long before Sandy had been a gleam in HER daddy’s eye – AND THAT WAS REALLY OLD.”   Ha ha.

We had hoped to see a tree that was pictured on postcards we saw with 1940’s era cars driving through its trunk, but it turns out that vehicles are no longer allowed to do that as it was polluting the air and hurting the tree.  Sad.

Alas, it was nearing dark anyway, so we ventured into Crescent City, California, a city that had been underwater back around 1964 from a tsunami resulting from an earthquake in Alaska.  David said when was a child, he and his family had been living in Anchorage at the time of the quake and remembered running out into the snow in his pajamas when the quake occurred. We all have our history.

To be continued…(I promise)

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