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5 Responses to “Contact”

  • Nancy Montgomery:


    I love love love website. So colorful and informative. You really did a great job.


  • Hey, Nancy, thanks for the kind words. When do you get to Orlando next?

  • Valerie Hernandez:

    Hi, Sandy:

    I am looking to purchase your 6×6 small landscape paintings on-line. Where do I find that, please? Is that option available?

  • Are you on Facebook? I have several 6×6 landscape paintings displayed there under “photos” They run about $50 U.S. postage included through Paypal. If you are not able to access Facebook, I can email you some images to choose from. Thanks for your interest. Sandy Starr

  • Bill Serle:

    Hiya Sandy. Good job on the website. Love your art and your writing. Keep on trucking!

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