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Mooching our way across country, a continuing saga.

We planned a tentative itinerary, spent a whole day at the AAA office getting maps, routes, etc. found someone to take care of our cats, packed his little Mercury Tracer to overflow and in less than a week, we were on our way!

I truly didn’t know how far David’s energy would take us so I kept an open mind.  I thought that he might become too weak to travel very far, figuring we would be back home in a few days, a week at the most. I thought it would be a fun adventure no matter how long we were on the road.  I am always up for a trip!  Boy, did I underestimate my friend’s energy and determination! I was pretty amazed that we were actually on the road and heading west – all kinds of unknowns were ahead of us and I was pretty excited.

David and I had long philosophical talks while we were driving and his gentle acceptance of whatever fate lay before him gave me a new lease on life.  I need to remember that these days when I start worrying about the future.  His belief was to live for the moment and I am so proud to have been with him as he explored new places and long-desired visits to friends and family.

Since we both were somewhat frustrated in our personal lives, he kept trying to convince me that I was better than the guys I had been seeing since my divorce.  “Every shoe has a mate,” he said.  “Your trouble is that you have been settling for tennis shoes when you should be waiting for your Gucci to come along”.

(To be continued…)

The Start of an Incredible Journey That Changed My Life

Today he would have been 54 years old.  He used to say that when he was a kid he could never imagine becoming 40.  He died when he was 38.

We were friends for just over 6 years, but that period of time was a life changer for me. He was 12 years my junior, a gay man, a talented performer.  I was a mother of two college age kids, just out of a painful divorce and pursuing a lifelong dream of being “an actress” as well as a professional artist.

David and I became fast friends and soul mates; from the first day we met and the poor guy had to be my partner in a production number in a play – “Pajama Game” – at a local community theater.  I know I must have crushed his toes more than once, but he never complained (well…maybe a little.  This was, after all, David!)

He and I would spend many hours together over the next years and he taught me a lot about acceptance, living life for today, and enjoying the simple things.  We would watch TV, movies and plays together.  We went out to eat a lot, went shopping and dreamed of traveling.

Since I was an artist (and at that time, an actress in film and TV.  Yes, my ambitions grew quickly!), I was always working a part-time job somewhere.  The summer in question, I was – of all things – selling snow cones at the Cocoa Beach Pier!  I didn’t make a whole lot of money, but I had a killer tan.

One day, David stopped by for a visit at the beach, as he often did, and he told me he wanted to take a road trip.  Did I want to come with him? Since he was living with an unfortunate illness, he thought this might be his chance to see places he had always wanted to visit and never had before.  Plus, there were friends and family to see along the journey.

“Oh, David,” I said.  “That sounds like a lot of fun, but I really don’t have the money to make a trip like that.”

David replied, “Hey, I don’t either.  We’ll just mooch our way across country!”  And so we did…(to be continued)

Happy birthday, my friend.  I miss you.

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