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Part 3: On the Road with David and Sandy

It’s an all-day trip from our homes in Florida to the home of David’s sister in the panhandle of Florida.  When we arrived, his sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew were there to greet us.  I don’t think they believed how ambitious our trip was hoping to be, but they went along with the joke anyway!

They prepared a lovely spaghetti dinner for us and we spent a fun evening feeding a little baby squirrel that had fallen out of its nest, watching TV, and telling them all the high points in our up-coming trip. We watched an episode of “Northern Exposure” and David said we were going to visit the little town in Washington State where it was filmed.  I thought – sure we will.

After a pretty restful sleep, we were off early the next morning – our first official day on our own and heading west. We started a tradition of taking a photo of the various state welcome signs to prove we had actually crossed into them and taking videos from the camera David’s folks had loaned us. The wandering adventurers were on their way!

The first official day of our journey; leaving David's sister's home.

The first few days, David refused to let me drive his car, but as we continued and he grew weary, I would take over some of the duties.  Men.

Alabama, then Mississippi, then Louisiana.  We whisked through familiar places in anticipation of new scenery.  We did make a stop in southern Mississippi and it was then I learned of David’s penchant for casinos.  Many hours were spent while he tried his hand at Black Jack and I lost my allotted $20 in slot machines.

We were back on the road and decided to keep driving until we tired.  Sometime in the middle of the night, somewhere west of San Antonio, Texas, we pulled over to a rest area to use the facilities and take a little catnap.  We awoke with the sun, still crammed into the tiny little car!  Freshened up and found a wonderful place for breakfast which featured “Texas-sized pancakes”.  Platter-sized and filling, but we felt ready to cross the state!

We stopped to take pictures along the way and decided that we should take a little side trip into Mexico at El Paso.  We parked the car on the Juarez-side of the bridge and were immediately “greeted” by young guys offering to watch our car for us for a small fee.  This made us both a little nervous but we walked around in a pretty little park (within eye sight of the parking area) and walked to the top of a pedestrian bridge over the highway to take a few photos and then scurried back to our lifeboat!

We drove around town a little bit, but didn’t see much that we wanted to explore,  so it was back over the Rio Grande and into the U.S. once more.  It had been an adventure, but David was a bit unnerved by the thought of buying “insurance” for his car and all our belongings.

We drove north into New Mexico, had some dinner in Truth or Consequences (named after an old radio game show) and decided to start looking for a place to stay (and actually PAY for – no mooching tonight) around Gallup, NM, as we had a full schedule planned for the next day.  It was fairly late and dark by the time we got to our destination and we could not find a motel anywhere.  Finally, off the highway was a cute little adobe building with pink neon letters proclaiming “Vacancy”.  I stayed in the car while David went into the office to pay.  A few minutes later he came out, with key, but grinning from ear to ear.

“The manager said that since we wanted to stay the night, we should not be too loud!”  Apparently they rented by the hour.

(To be continued…)

Slowly but Surely!

I am flying solo now!  Doug got me started and now I am adding photos, text and color schemes.  Slow process, but exciting to see it coming together!

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